Parcel Delivery – Guidelines and Terms

 • Items which together (per trip) weigh more than 20kg are not allowed 

• Items with a total value greater than $250 AUD are not allowed • Items which together (per trip) do not fit comfortably in the boot of a mid-size motor vehicle are not allowed 

• No Weapons or explosives • Illegal items (items that are illegal to possess, transfer or sell), or regulated items unless expressly permitted 

• Alcohol and tobacco items/products can be sent via FritsGo delivery. The sender acknowledges that the sender and the receiver of these products are of legal age, i.e 18 years or older in Australia when the request is posted. Alcohol and tobacco items/products must be packaged and sealed name of the receiver to be clearly printed on the package.

 • Stolen goods or illegally obtained items • Hazardous materials/goods (e.g. flammable, poisonous, explosive), including paints or adhesives containing a flammable liquid, substances and material identified as ‘dangerous goods’ in any laws or regulations in Australia. This does not include household cleaning chemicals, which are subject to restrictions, see below

 • Fireworks 

• People or animals including Endangered Species or parts thereof; regulated plants (e.g. noxious weeds, plants, prohibited seeds) 

• Money; gift cards; lottery tickets; coins; travellers cheques; securities of any kind payable to bearer; platinum, gold or silver, manufactured or otherwise; jewels; other articles of high intrinsic value; or precious stones.

• Any items for which the requester does not have permission to send.

• Fragile items, unless is packaged appropriately and is secure to transport 

• The Requestor assumes all responsibility for damage due to temperature sensitivity for perishable food or beverages

 • Electronics items can be sent with restriction. Electronics must be suitably packed, protected and sealed, for example with a strong outer box. No liability will be accepted for loss or damage of any electronic items which can be a result of inappropriate packaging. High intrinsic value of electronic items are covered under FritsGo carrier policy up to the total value of AUD $2000. Any damage liability claims will be limited to direct loss that may occur to the electronic item as a direct result of delivery partner negligence during the time of delivery of the item/s.

Drivers may cancel a parcel delivery request if they have difficulty lifting any items. The following guidelines detail the maximum sizes for delivery:

Maximum number of items:  4 (bags, boxes)

Maximum weight limit per item:  20kg total weight

Maximum item size (largest of height, width or length):  75cm

Maximum item volume: 0.25m^3 (e.g. roughly 60 x 60 x 60cm) 

By using this Platform, you agree and accept to all the terms listed above and agree to the indemnity and limitations of liability.